I recently received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UC San Diego. I spent countless hours studying and working on homework and projects with friends while simultaneously brainstorming our next culinary adventure. I can't speak for my entire group, but food gave me something to think about other than engineering work. It became an escape during the many times I found myself shackled to a desk weighted down by endless texts and deadlines. Because we fried so much time working, the majority of our free time was slow-roasted at restaurants splurging on more food than necessary, ranting about our seemingly endless to-do lists, and talking about a vast array of observations acquired while not so excitedly strutting from class to class on campus, or sitting quietly on a long city bus full of very interesting beings. It should come as no surprise that I found much more joy thinking about my next meal than worrying about my next deadline. With the schoolwork behind me, I have been able to devote more time to learning about food, perfecting cooking techniques and developing my culinary POV.

When it comes to food, I have a simple philosophy: I've got to eat to survive, so putting food in my mouth that's interesting and enjoyable makes perfect sense.

I enjoy traveling and experiencing a variety of restaurants and eating different meals for the first time . When I'm at home, however, the kitchen is my tranquil escape of choice. There's few things I'd rather be doing than mixing and matching flavors for unique meals. Grocery shopping for fresh, new ingredients ain't so bad either.

This blog is all about food. It's about buying food, cooking food, eating food, tasting food and ultimately enjoying food. I will share my culinary adventures and cooking quests, along with flavorsome recipes and useful tips. I am no professional chef, just a passionate foodie and recreational home cook looking to share his excitement for all things food.